ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator + 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel for Off Grid 12 Volt Battery Charging


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● Generally shipped in two shipments from our American warehouse, the 20A hybrid controller is included in the turbine package.
● The controller is 12v/24v autodetect, please connect the battery to the controller firstly, and then connect the solar panel and wind turbine with the controller.
● Controller connection: 3x green line for wind turbine, red is the positive for all connections, blue is the negative for solar panel, black is the negative for battery, yellow is the negative for load.
● To make this system complete, you need some electric cables (14awg suggested) to conect the wind turbine and solar panel to the controller, also you need a battery to store energy and power your appliances.
● This system doesn’t come with a pole, we suggest you buy one in local place. Height of tower/pole: 4.5m-10m, pole diameter: 7.4cm – out diameter, 5.3cm – inner diameter.


3 in stock

Product Description

Connection Step 1

  • Connect the Battery Positivie with the Red Wire
  • Connect the Battery Negative with the Black Wire

Connection Step 2

  • Connect the Wind Turbine with the Green Wire(in no particular order)

Connection Step 3

  • Connect the Solar Positivie with the Red Wire
  • Connect the Solar Negative with the Blue Wire

Connection Step 4

  • Connect the Appliances Positivie with the Red Wire
  • Connect the Appliances Negative with the Yellow Wire
  • The Yellow Wire can be Left Out