MOES Dual Power Controller 50A 5500 Watt Automatic Transfer Switch for Off Grid Solar Wind System ATS DC 12V 24V 48V AC 110V 220V


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● 1.★Beneficial to Solar or Wind System:On cloudy or windless days when your battery gets low, it will automatically switch to grid power, protect your battery.
● 2.★Works like an opposite direction UPS: The ATS controller will switch to grid power when batteries votagle are lower than cut off point,it will switch back to battery power when the batteries votagle are higher than recovery point.
● 3.★Auto distinguish:DC 12/24/48V,AC 100-120V 60HZ / 220-240V 50HZ auto distinguish.User can define the Cut-Off and Recovery Voltages.Recovery voltage must be higher than Cut-off voltage. Battery type: Suitable for Sealed,Gel,Lead-acid,Lithium battery and so on. as long as the voltage of your battery are within the voltage ranges in the followings.9-17V at 12V system;18-30V at 24V system; 30-60V at 48V system.
● 4.★Big Power:5.5kw(110V) or 11KW(220v),Fast Transfer time:Inverter transfer to public power ≤10ms,public power transfer to inverter ≤16ms.
● 5.★LCD display:Battery real-time voltage;working status of public power,inverter and battery.


3 in stock

Product Description


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Product Instroduction

This dual power transfer controller ATS-11KW is used between an off-grid system and public power.The controller is separately connected with public power,inverter,battery and load.On the top of the controller,there is an on/off switch,please turn on the controller after ensuring all cables are well connected.




Works like an opposite direction UPS

  • The ATS controller will switch to grid power when batteries are lower than the user define.
  • Auto distinguish:DC 12/24/48V,AC 100-120V 60HZ / 220-240V 50HZ auto distinguish.
  • User can define the Cut-Off and Recovery Voltages.

Beneficial to solar and wind system

  • When cloudy or windless days and your battery get low,automatic switching to grid power,Take over your battery.
  • BIG POWER:5.5kw(110V) or 11KW(220v),
  • Fast Transfer time:Inverter transfer to public power ≤ 10ms,public power transfer to inverter ≤ 16ms
  • Please tie the ground wire together.

Application Area

  • In applications where there is a stand-alone solar or wind system with an available AC mains supply(utility power),one can choose to use the energy stored in the battery(IES) first and when the inverter disconnects due to a low voltage battery,the controller automatically transfers the loads to the mains(utility power).


Adjustable Cut-Off and Recovery Voltages

1.LV-SW:setting the switching voltage function.

2.BAT-V:normal displaying battery voltage.

3.HV-SW:setting the recovery voltage

4.12V,24V,or 48V:displaying after the system indentification.

5.LCD digital:a.battery voltage,b.low voltage setting switching voltage,c.low voltage recovery to set switching voltage.

6.Right arrow:shows low voltage switch to mains status.

7.Left arrow:shows the low pressure is restored to the inverter state.

8.LCD red no function control display,fixed display after power on.

the battery icon is low battery status



Rated Power:5.5kw(110V) or 11KW(220v),

Input Voltage:Auto distinguish:AC 100-120V or AC 220-240

Output Voltage:Auto distinguish:AC 100-120V or AC 220-240

Transfer time:Inverter transfer to public power ≤ 10ms,Public power transfer to inverter ≤ 16ms

LCD display:Working status of Public power,inverter and battery

System voltage:Auto distinguish:12V or 24V or 48V

BAT.Low Cut-down:Default 11V/22V/44V,adjustable

BAT.Low Recovery:Default 13.5V/27V/54V,adjustable

Battery type:Suitable for Sealed,Gel,Lead-acid Lithium battery and so on. as long as the voltage of your battery are within the voltage ranges in the followings.9-17V at 12V system;18-30V at 24V system;30-60V at 48V system.

Application:Off-grid solar or wind system