Sunway Solar Panels Charge Controller 12V Battery Regulator 7A For Safe Protection of 12Volt Solar Power Battery Charger, Solar Trickle Charger & Maintainer and Solar Powered System Kit


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● [For 12V DC Solar Systems]–This 7A solar battery charge Regulator use only for 12 volt DC solar power systems, solar panels and 12 volt rechargeable batteries protection. {IMPORTANT: Always Connect The Battery First and Disconnect Last.} If you need a 12V DC Quick Connect 16FT Extension Cable, please check the ASIN: B06X6LJTD6 .
● [Solar Power Input 100W Max.]–Max. input Voltage:22 VDC, Max. Current:7 AMP, solar Panel 100 Watt Maximum. Power Output: 12 VDC Battery. This solar charge regulator works in a better condition when the solar panel is under 80W. It can work with 5w 10w 20w 30w 50w 60 watts solar panel.
● [LED Indicators For Easy Monitoring]–This solar battery controller integrated with 3 LED indicators(green.yellow,and red) for low voltage(over discharge protection),charging and high voltage(over charge protection).
● [Quick and Easy Connection]–This solar battery charger controller coming with Versatile quick connect and quick disconnect clips SAE Plug Cable, quick and easy connection to solar panel,battery and load appliance. Users don’t worry about the Positive(+) and Negative(-).
● [Full Protection and More Safe]–This solar charging regulator protects over charge protection, over discharge protection, over load protection. {If you need SAE extension cable, battery clamps,male/female cigarette lighter plug and 12V Adapter for solar controller solar power system, please check the Asin B06X6LJTD6.}


3 in stock

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Solar charge regulator is designed to control the charging from solar panel into battery, and the power draw from the battery to outputs. Therefore keep the whole solar system at proper working condition. This solar charge regulator can be best used with our series solar panel with quick connector end.
Technical data:
Operating Temperature :-10℃ to 42℃
Humidity:≤80 %
Max. input Voltage :22V
Max. array current:7A
Over discharge protection:11V +/- 0.3V
Over charge protection:15.5V +/- 0.5V
How to Charge:
Please always connect the battery first.
Connect Solar panel, 12V rechargeable battery, and application (if any) as describe in the image of No.4 .
When solar panel is connected to the solar charge regulator, the charging LED will go on to show that the 12V rechargeable battery is receiving charge from the solar panel
The charge regulator provides following protections for the whole system
Over-discharge protection: When activated, “Low Voltage” indicator will go on, the charge regulator will shut off power output to prevent damage to the battery. In such case, Please stop using any application.
Over-charge protection: When activated, “High Voltage” indicator will go on, the charge regulator will shut off power input from solar panel to battery. Please disconnect solar panel from the charge regulator.
This solar charge regulator can be mounted through its three mounting holes
1.Please do not short circuit and/or reverse the polarity of the load, the solar panel, & the battery.
2.Place the charge regulator at a cool and ventilated place. Avoid contact with water.
AFTER EACH USE: Disconnect the Charge Regulator from the battery and solar panels. Always disconnect the battery first.

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